Candidate Stamps

atticIn a house as old as the Oaks, where two hundred and forty-one years of history beckons mightily around every corner and calls resolutely from every aspect of every room,  sometimes the quiet lure of the attic can be the strongest of all.  I am still trying to get my bearings in my new role as “Curator” in a place that is just overflowing with undocumented, unlabelled artifacts, commanding my attention and begging to tell their tales.   When the sensory overload of the Oaks gets to me I often find myself retreating to the attic for a reprieve, where history resides in a softer tone under a layer of dust in the shadowy eaves.

On this day I was sitting in the office of the Colonel Timothy Bigelow chapter house, shuffling unproductively through scrapbooks in search of a blog post.  I was feeling overwhelmed and getting ready to lock up and call it a day . . . and that’s when Deb emerged.  I gasped, realizing that I had completely forgotten about my Vice-Regent whom I had left in the attic.   Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was prone to getting sucked in, I thought to myself with amusement.  She was holding a thin, dirty chipboard in her hands with old newsprint glued to either side, and it was embellished on one corner with a splat of bird poo.  She had obviously found a treasure.

Candidate Stamps description

Candidate Stamp Company advertisement.


DEMOCRATS.                                                          REPUBLICANS.


Put one of our Candidate Stamps upon either the front and back of every piece of mail, Letters, Envelopes and Post Cards, every package of goods, and upon everything to which they will stick that leaves your house or place of business, until Election Day.  Something entirely new, neat, and catchy, costs but a trifle, and lets the whole world know who are your favorite candidates.  A badge or button is only seen by a few, these stamps are seen by everybody.

Agents wanted everywhere, in the United States.  Men and women, boys and girls, you can make more money selling these stamps in three months, than you can in a whole year at anything else, but you must act quick.  “Make hay while the sun shines.”  Write at once for agents terms and territory.

                                                 CANDIDATE STAMP COMPANY,

                                                                              5  Park Square,

                                                                                              Boston, Mass.

Room 16.

Candidate Stamps

Roosevelt/Fairbanks campaign poster, 1904 election.

I took it for granted that I would be able to find something about “candidate stamps” or the Candidate Stamp Company but so far I have turned up nothing.  I am not even certain if the Candidate Stamp Company advertisement is even related to the small Roosevelt/Fairbanks 1904 campaign poster that is glued to the other side.   If anyone out there can shed some light on this curious bit of election ephemera, please share.